Barakus Characters' Stories

Dibly Grissom's Stories

Dibly grew up as the 10th of 14 children in his parent's family in the river town of Watcher-on-Marko. With that many children, the family never had much money but they did learn how to make do with what they had. Dibly has kept this scrounger nature close to his heart.

Father Grissom was a tinker and amateur smith. He could fix tools, sharpen knives and the like. But what he liked best was trying to invent things. The village was blessed with all manner of creations, some of which were even useful.

Every year the Grissoms would hold a great feast at their house, a celebration open to all of their neighbors and friends. It was a sort of thumbing-of-the-nose to their poor condition. The Grissoms would provide all they could and the others would bring a little bit too. It would always become the most celebrated party of the year in Watcher-on-Marko.

At mealtimes, the Grissom family would gather along a long table that dominated their labyrinthene home. With so many mouths and a loud and boisterous manner, grabbing food was the order of the day. Being smaller than some of his older brothers, Dibly got in the habit of yelling "Dib's" when he wanted a piece of food. Even grown up, the cry of Dibs can be heard from his lips from time to time.

As is Grissom family tradition, Dibly left to find his fortune on his 20th birthday. He headed for "the Big City".